That Special Connection

Going out to the bar after work can be a tiring and pathetic ritual after you reach a certain age, can’t it? Imagine being exhausted after a hard day at work, to have friends then expect you to get dolled up and go out to a loud club filled with morons, boors and overpriced drinks and blaring music you can’t even think over. Gee, sounds very appealing, doesn’t it…Not Really. Once you get finished for the day, we know you want to relax, unwind, put your feet up and have dinner and maybe a drink to unwind, and not a $10 one that’s been watered down.

Yet you still long to have some sort of social connection with others. Just not perhaps a face to face one with some person that might have had too much to drink. Calling up a phone chat line is a nice and stress free way to relax after a hard day at work. You can reveal as much or as little about yourself as you see fit to, there’s no pressure. Many callers to chat lines are only to keep things there. Simple, not complicated, not looking for anything more. Others are looking for that more special and intimate connection, and they can indeed find that if they find another like minded other that’s looking for the same type of situation, it all depends on what your goal is.

Fun and flirty chat can stay right there, just someone to unwind with and maybe even tell your troubles to. Not everyone is looking for fun and flirty. Some are simply lonely and looking for a friendly ear to listen to them, and others like to listen or give advice. There’s all kinds of reasons to call and see who’s on the line tonight. Every night will be a different experience than the last, since the group of users is changing minute to minute. You never know who might be on or who you might connect with. The voices can change on a nightly basis and that special person might not be there tonight, but they might well be tomorrow!


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