BEST Chat Line

We know you are looking for the best chat line, and we’ve got reviews of the best ones for you!

We’ve taken care, and checked to be sure that all of these chatlines meet certain criteria:
1.) SAFE! In this digital age, information is readily and widely available.
But we know that people like their privacy, so these chatlines work hard at keeping your information safe and secure;

2.) FUN! If you are going to spend your valuable time doing anything these days, you sure better get good bang for the buck.
You’ll get some seriously awesome interactions with all of these lines;

3.) EASY! Who wants to be bothered with long waits and tricky menus.
These all keep the process simple, which will make you a happy caller.


best chat lines
American Friend Finder

888-292-8444– American Friend Finder is an easy and fun way to hook up with men and women in your area who are on the phone right now looking for friends, casual dating and new relationships. You can elect to talk with men and/ or women from your area or around the country. I had a lot of fun and spoke with many girls – two of which I’ve met up in person.

best chat lines
America’s Hottest Chatline

213-455-2913 – America’s Hottest Chatline is a bit more risqué than Friend Finder. The girls are a bit faster, and the talk is a bit wilder. Free 30 minute trial! You get plenty of time to find that special someone. You’ve GOT to try it. There were tons of girls on line and surprisingly many local to me. I had a great time. I even set the system up to text me when girls want to meet me. This is a great feature and came in very handy if you know what I mean.

best chat lines
Nationwide Personals

201-735-5823 – Nationwide Personals is a guaranteed way to meet! Very similar to America’s Chatline, because you get a huge 30 minute FREE trial! The options are almost the same, but the callers are different. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it just has a different feel. I’ve never actually meet up with anyone from here, but that was my own choice. I did make a lot of friends one of which I speak with almost every day. Overall a great time!

best chat lines
Ultimate Chat

888-221-7288 – Ultimate Chat is the hottest live action, where nasty girls take it – and give it – anyway you want it. if someone asked me to describe it, I would say that your most unspeakable pleasures and deepest desires await you!! When I’m rushed for time and feeling a bit frisky, this is the line I call.

best chat lines
Intimate Encounters

623-385-3333 – Intimate Encounters is where the name says it all! Lots of women looking for meet ups. And best of all, no strings attached. Personally I found a lot of soccer moms… you know the type! A lot of divorcées who really want to have a good time, and know what they want. Someone even formed a whole meet up in my area which unfortunately I could not attend– I heard it was great fun though.

best chat lines
America’s Hottest Chatline – For Men

712-560-8757 – America’s Hottest Chatline is the perfect chatline for men who are gay or bi-curious. I have called a few gay lines, too. If you are looking for men, this is the place to be. Hundreds of hungry guys on the line. Boy, do they have wild imaginations! Call in to check it out for yourself.

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