Let’s Give Thanks

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People across the United States will this week be giving thanks on Thanksgiving Day. Gathering with their loved ones and friends and enjoying their time together. Having turkey, watching the parade, enjoying the football game and their families they may only get to see a few times a year on the holidays. What about ones with no one? Where do they turn for some thing as basic as conversation?

Not everyone has a family, or ones that do may be estranged from them for a myriad of reasons. Not everyone has friends either, also for many different reasons. The holidays can indeed be a lonely time for some of us in a situation like that. Chatlines are a perfect place for ones that are alone to cal in and chat with each other and pass the time for a while. Many people will be totally alone for the holidays, their work closed, so they cannot even throw themselves into work to forget their state of misery and solitude. Not everyone is lonely of course that’s not got anyone, but many are, especially ones that are alone because loved ones have either died or moved away and they find themselves with no one except maybe a pet, if that.

Some people like this may find some company and solace by calling into a chatline and chatting with another friendly voice on the phone. They may never know who that person really is, what there name is or where they live, but they can be that comforting voice on the other end of the phone that is willing to listen to their problems and concerns and have someone tell them that everything will in fact be ok. Sometimes that’s all one needs to feel better. Chatting on a chatline isn’t going to magically make your worries disappear, but it can however briefly make the burden seem a bit lighter.

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