Christmas Chat

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The holidays are upon us once more and some of us have no friends or family or else they are far away and we won’t be seeing them, or we may even be estranged from them if we have differing views on things. So what’s a person to do with nowhere to go on Christmas? Well of course you could volunteer at a soup kitchen and feed the less fortunate, but not many of us want to go that out of our way and some of us actually get a certain satisfaction out of wallowing in self pity and feeling bad for ourselves, and frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that. If we don’t feel bad for us, who else will? Many times no one, that’s who.

We may want some contact with humanity though, watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” can get a bit old. So there are chatlines that we can call into and talk to someone for a while. You can talk to men or women on them and get to hear someone else’s hard luck story for once. There are a lot of sad and lonely people out there that have lost everyone they ever cared about and they are quite literally the last ones left, everyone else has died or moved away or has no time for them. A chatline can keep them in touch with someone without any obligation for more, it’s simply a way to pass the time and feel a tiny bit better about things. People with family and friends usually take them for granted.

If people are on a chatline on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or anytime over the holidays really chatting away to strangers, they usually don’t have much of a life and are grasping at what straws of any sort of togetherness are left in their empty, meaningless lives. It all sounds pretty depressing, doesn’t it? Christmas can be a sad and lonely time for many as they look back over their lives and Christmases long ago that once were happy and are now only far away memories. Now they are trading life stories with strangers they will never meet over a phoneline. Chatlines are there in any case for ones that seek a shred of human contact during their holiday.

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